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It’s National Puppy Day!

It’s National Puppy Day! Time to celebrate the scampering lab in your life, the sleepy pug, the sweet pit bull who is currently drooling up your bed even though he has a pet bed he’s supposed to be using. Puppies of all ages waggle their way into our lives and hearts and before we know it, they’ve taken over.

Gryph, wondering what you’ve got over there


That was certainly the case with my sister’s new puppy, Gryph. A pom-poodle mix, Gryph is an adorable dog with an ever-questing nose and boundless energy. He wakes up ready to play and will keep running until he flops charmingly into a lap and takes a snooze.

Yes, I am handsome
Yes, I am handsome


I’ve developed a serious case of puppy envy. Since I can’t have a dog in my apartment, I’ve instead taken to stockpiling treats and browsing for collars and accessories. Both of those things will become even more fun when Metropets pet boutique has their grand opening  in April. Metropets has gourmet treats, stylish leashes, and bowls that even Gryph can’t knock over. The next time Gryph comes to visit, I’m going to try to bribe him away from my sister and get him to nap in my lap instead.


Gryph's happiness defies gravity!
Gryph’s happiness defies gravity!


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