Frequently Asked Questions

Is Metro Pets kid friendly? Absolutely!  Metro Pets is for the whole family, and children are always welcome in the store. Check our event calendar to see what kid events we have coming up and come by!

How are products that are sold in Metro Pets chosen?So many dog products and the same, but we pride ourselves on searching out the unique and unusual. Many selections at Metro Pets have been commissioned specifically for us, while others were sourced from the top producers in the country. Everything we carry is top quality and made in North America.

What services does Metro Pets offer? Metro Pets is your one stop shop for many of the services needed to have a healthy happy pet We offer:

  • Self Wash Bathing
  • Dog Walking
  • Pet Sitting
  • Dog Training Classes
  • Private Behavior Consultations
  • Educational Workshops

Can I take my dog to shop at Metro Pets?
We love it when pups come by to visit!
Dogs are welcome at Metro Pets as long as they are:
Friendly towards other dogs and humans
Up to date on their inoculations
Not currently in heat

Do you train the dog or do we learn how to train our dog?
Metro Pets offers group training classes where people can come to learn a variety of skills from puppy introduction, basic obedience to specialty classes. Our highly skilled dog trainers will teach you how to train your dog to be a super pup!

Do you offer private dog training?
Yes. Some dogs need a private setting to address behavioral issues. Metropets staff has years of specialized experience handling even the toughest cases in the rescue and shelter environment

Can I observe a dog training class?
IF you are interested in seeing if a group class is the right place for your dog, let us know and we will arrange an audit night for you

How does self-wash work? 
Rub a dub dub, Metro Pup in the tub! Our Self Wash room provides you everything you need for a great wash but the dog. Our raised tub makes bathing a snap with out hurting your back. When your done, choose to towel or blow dry and then let our staff clean up!