October Bath Time Tips



The end of summer means our customers start flocking back to bathe their dogs in the warm ease  of our self serve dog wash. Want to do a little scrub-a-dub? Here’s some tips for the tub!


  1. Call Ahead: While we always accept walk-ins, weekends get busy in the fall and no one want to get stuck in a 3 dog pile-up! Call ahead and we’ll make sure to get you in and out as quickly as possible.
  2. Use the Buddy System: Having two handlers can lead to a lots of fluffy fun! With one person to handle the dog and one to entertain them, working as a team can lead to amazing results. The Metro Pets staff is always happy to lend solo bathers a hand, so feel free to ask for an assist if needed.
  3. Invest in the Process: The first time your pup comes in for a bath, it can be a scary experience! We want our four-legged friends to feel comfortable in the dog wash,  so take you time, be gentle and of course, give lots of treats!
  4. Know you Dog (anatomy): Did you know dogs ear canals are shaped like an L? Or that dogs legs are best handled staying close to the body? Using safe handling techniques will help you and your pup the best dog washing experience.

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