May Is National Pet Month – How Will You & Your Pet Celebrate?

Here at Metropets, we love our holidays. Arbor Day, National Puppy Day, Talk Like A Pirate Day – they all add cheer to an already awesome routine of animals and fun. But after 24 hours, the day is done and the holiday ends, leaving us waiting for a whole year to come back around. Until, of course, we get to May, or as we like to call it, National Pet Month.

That’s right, a whole month dedicated to fluffy, fuzzy, feathered, fabulous pets! Lizards, birds, dogs, and cats! Our wonderful companion animals have a special place in our hearts and our homes.

My cats have special places in my home – well, really all the places are theirs. The top of the refrigerator? Check. My roommate’s bed? Check. Under the table? Check. The back of the couch? Double check. But the nice new cat bed I picked up? Completely vacant.

But Ma, this is so much more fun to cover in cat hair!
But Ma, this is so much more fun to cover in cat hair!

One of Kali’s favorite places to be is in the window, meowing at the neighbors and making friends. Kali likes to chirp at people she knows and has built a fan club. One little blond girl has been coming up to the window and calling for “kitty” to come and play. Kali comes galloping over to rub herself against the window and purr.

Watching the world go by...
Watching the world go by…

Milo prefers to snuggle on the floor of my bedroom or in my laundry basket. He’s what some cat behaviorists call a bush dweller, a cat who prefers to be close to the ground. Generally, cats like either high places (tree dwellers) or low places (bush dwellers). Milo likes to burrow into clothes and snooze with his paws outstretched. Every so often I’ll drop a toy into his paws and watch him wake from sleep into frenzied hunting mode (catnip will do that).

In honor of National Pet Month, let’s share stories about where our pets like to hang out. Where is your pet’s favorite place to be?

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