Happy Earth Day!

Come celebrate by picking up some green goods for your pet at Metropets! We’ve got a lot to choose from, but these are some of our favorites:



Leashes & Collars by Cody’s Creations

When we say we like to source local, we MEAN it! Not only are leashes and collars from Cody’s Creations beautiful and well-made, they are also produced right down the street from Metropets! Sourcing goods locally reduces emissions generated from transportation AND supports our local economy. We like to do it whenever we can.

PicMonkey Collage

Treats from Wild Chewz and Polka Dog Bakery

Before companies like Wild Chewz and Polka Dog Bakery came along, items like beef trachea and cod skins would have been carted out to the dump with the rest of the trash. Instead, these “scraps” have been re-purposed into tasty, all-natural treats for your dog! Metropets also carries Wild Chewz deer antlers, which are shed naturally by the animals and harvested from the forest floor.

The Original PoopBags™

Not only are these bags strong and easy to use, but The Original PoopBags is the only dog waste manufacturer to earn the USDA Certified Biobased label. Both the bags and the containers they come in are made, in whole or significant part from renewable resources.

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